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1544969628 Machine Vision Camera

We can help you find a large variety of cameras for industrial, machine vision, and video surveillance applications. This includes cameras for production, inspection, recording, security surveillance, thermal analysis, and other specialized applications. Some of our security and video surveillance products are available with a complete recording and content management system. Call or email us to discuss your application.

M1614-SW - WIDE.png

We have been providing replacement lenses for industrial production applications for several years. We can help you in identifying and sourcing replacement lens units or finding unique and hard-to-find lenses for the factory production environment. Our unique supply chain facilitates locating the product you are interested in and helps accelerate its delivery to you.

TH17V1311-34 - WIDE.png

If you have a requirement that needs a unique and specialized lens, count on us to assit you in locating the component you are looking for. We are not limited only to industrial applications but also to commercial lenses for a variety of applications including professional, industrial photography, and product photography. We can also offer you lens accessories and replacement parts and component for the lens-subsystem.

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