We carry Radiall’s platinum series of terminations & attenuators. These attenuators are perfectly suited for Test & Measurement applications, where high RF performance and reliability are critical. The Platinum series provides VSWR and precision performance for integration into commutation matrices, automatic test equipment and vectorial analyzers. This comprehensive range includes terminations & attenuators up to 40 GHz and is offered with a variety of commonly used connectors in the instrumentation field, including:

• 2.92 mm up to 40GHz
• 3.5 mm up to 26.5GHz
• SMA up to 18GHz
• Type N up to 18GHz
• TNC up to 12.4GHz
• BNC up to 4GHz



Our portfolio of Shunt Resistors includes low, medium and high-power models. Common applications include: Solar Generators, Wind Power, Heavy Industry, Electroplating,
Battery Chargers, Mining and Manufacturing. Our products can handle current ratings from 5 to over 1,100 Amps at a standard tolerance of ±0.25%. They are available with and without a baseplate. Give us a call or send us your requirements for a no-obligation quote specific to your needs. 



We offer a unique selection of wideband RF signal splitters with high power, low insertion loss and high port-to-port isolation. We offer a very wide selection of other types of RF combining equipment including RF Duplexers, RF Combiners, Rx Multicouplers, Rx Pre-Selectors, RF Iso-Plexers with 1 and 2 stages specifically designed to your specifications. We also offer custom RF filtering sub-systems for high-power applications (25 Watts and above) designed to your requirements. 



A wide range of parallel and serial data connectors are available for full customization of data and signalling cables. The selected cable is matched to unique industrial and other standard connector types including D-Type (9-pin, 15-pin, 25-pin, 37pin), SCSI, USB, Video, Serial and Parallel-type connectors. We use high-quality multi-strand and solid copper cable to manufacture, assemble and test your cable as per your requirements. Feel free to contact us for any unique configuration that you might have for your existing application or production environment.



We offer a wide selection of RF coaxial cable connectors for both low, medium, and high-power applications. We can provide complete jumper assemblies for RF signal transfer, conditioning and testing, from low signal levels all the way to high power RF Transmitter Cables and connectors for standard or LOW PIM operation. We can also offer RF signal splitters and couplers for both low and high power applications. We match a very large portfolio of RF connectors to match high-quality coaxial cable (Heliax, LMR, military-grade for a complete assembly including RG, LMR, SMA, BNC, N, DIN and offer many of these connectors in standard and Low PIM versions.

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