We offer a wide variety of custom data and control cables made to your specifications. The cables can be custom-fit to many industrial and other standard connector types including D-Type (9-pin, 15-pin, 25-pin, 37pin), SCSI, USB, Video, Serial and Parallel-type connectors. We use high-quality multi-strand and solid copper cable to manufacture, assemble and test your cable as per your requirements. Feel free to contact us for any unique configuration that you might have for your existing application or production environment.


We provide factory formed and molded cable in a diversity of sizes and configurations. These cables can be made to provide single connector to single connector configurations or split cables that include a single multiline connector on one end and split cables that end in different connector types at the other end. You can specify cable performance specifications and we will work with you to source the most optimum type of data/signalling cable and the corresponding connectors to complete your request. 


We offer a variety of test, routing, coupling RF coaxial cables for both low, medium, and high-power applications. We can provide cables for RF signal transfer, testing at low signal levels all the way to high power RF Transmitter Cables and connectors for standard or LOW PIM operation. We can also offer RF signal splitters and couplers for both low and high power applications. We offer a very large variety of RF connectors to match the coaxial cable in the complete assembly including RG, LMR, SMA, BNC, N, DIN and offer many of these connectors in standard and Low PIM versions.


We can also both source and manufacture all type of USB formed cables for custom and standard interfacing applications. Many USB interface cables can be offered off-the-shelf but we can also perform custom modifications or produce unique designs to your requirements and specifications. Do not hesitate to share with us the unique needs of your applications and one of our product engineers will work with you in finding the best possible solution available.