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Centronix Solutions Inc. offers multiple levels of service relating to electronic, mechanic, software engineering and manufacturing from design and prototyping through to delivering certified “turn-key” products and system. It is our philosophy that with an accomplished and innovative team we deliver optimal solutions and high quality products, completed fully and on-time.

Reliable Supplier

Centronix Solutions Inc has been serving our valued customers in the high-technology and manufacturing industry since 2006. We continue to expanded our network of technology partners and our supply chain network to better serve your manufacturing and production needs with new and innovative products.

Strengths And Values


We have a dedicated, and professional staff. Our Engineering and Project Management team is highly knowledgeable and fully prepared to help you meet the most challenging requirements. We will assist you from requirements definition to sourcing, manufacturing and delivery.



We strive to continually provide products with the best price/performance value, highest levels of quality, as well as reliable, on-time delivery. Our supply chain continues to increase as we strive to offer you an even wider variety of reliable industrial products and solutions.

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